Company History

Founder Jeff Knight Discusses Premier Home Care Company History

Premier Home Care Company Founder Jeff KnightEstablished in 1997, Premier Home Care was founded on the principle of providing excellent service and quality home medical equipment to clients across Kentucky and southern Indiana.

With experience in the home care industry, founder Jeff Knight decided to start Premier Home Care when the company he was working for was sold to a national firm. “I realized pretty quickly that I really did not want to work for a national company.

With encouragement from a few co-workers, Knight decided to start his own business, initially thinking he’d try it for six months to see how it went.  Now, nearly two decades later, Knight continues leading Premier Home Care with the same dedication and passion he had when he started the business.

Over the years Premier Home Care has transformed considerably, starting small with a two-room office and growing to include nearly 100 full-time employees with corporate headquarters in Louisville and seven additional office locations across Kentucky and Scottsburg Indiana. Yet despite the company’s growth, it is still grounded on the same three fundamental principles.

  1. Act professionally, and treat everyone with respect.
  2. Care for those you serve and work with.
  3. Do not take any short cuts.

The Best in the Home Care Business

Talking about coming up with the company name, founder Jeff Knight explains “We chose the name ‘Premier’ because it means ‘top’ and ‘number one’ and that’s what we want to be in the home care business.”

Quality is a huge part of being the best in the home care business. As Knight explains, “More than Premier Home Care Louisville Kentucky and Indianaanything, we don’t take short cuts. We try to do things right the first time around. We play by the rules and take very good care of our customers.”

One of the ways Premier Home Care prioritizes quality and establishes trust is by empowering and supporting employees across the company to achieve at the highest level.  Premier Home Care really promotes a supportive family environment. There is a culture of quality and caring shared between coworkers and clients. As Knight explains, “All of us at Premier Home Care are in this because we truly care about what we do and we want to make a difference in other people’s lives…our shared sense of mission creates a much stronger company culture.”

Premier Home Care is in a unique position because the company is small enough to be flexible and to navigate change effectively, yet large and diverse enough to offer a full range of services clients want and need.

Succeeding in a Dynamic, Multifaceted Industry

When it comes to home care services, there are a lot of dynamics involved. The industry is in constant flux with shifting insurance regulations, declining reimbursements and changing medical recommendations. Premier Home Care is committed to effectively navigating the rules and regulations impacting the home care industry, with Knight at the helm.

Knight spends most of his days at the company’s corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, managing accounts receivable and working in close contact with the company’s leadership team. He likes being very accessible to all of his employees…motivated first and foremost by the mission to care.

Knight explains, “We’ve got a saying around here. You’ve got to be caring to fit into this industry. This is something we say and do every single day.”

Care is at the Heart of Premier Home Care Services

Coming from a very close-knit family with 5 siblings and parents he calls some of his biggest role models, Knight knows what it is to care deeply about loved ones. And he enjoys serving as the “medical advisor” for his family, a role he embraced well before he founded Premier Home Care.  Starting Bellarmine University to pursue a degree in Chemistry, a summer job inspired Knight to become a registered respiratory therapist, and to later study business at the University of Louisville.

The combination of health care experience and business training, combined with his personal background, help inform Knight’s perspective on all aspects of his business.

Knight emphasizes the importance of treating clients in a caring and personable manner while also maintaining a safe and healthy environment. This means offering a customized approach to meet each client’s unique needs.

Knight elaborates, “I think about home care on a very personal level. I want to be able to stay in my own home as long as I can. It’s better being at home. It’s more comfortable. You’re in your own element, your home environment.” This ability to deeply empathize with every single customer is no doubt a key to Premier Home Care’s success.