Sleep Healthy

Sleep Healthy

Premier Home Care, Inc. offers a comprehensive program for people experiencing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The program is initiated with all sleep therapy set-ups. We provide educational materials and customer support services to all of our clients for a better understanding of diagnosis and therapy. Continued follow-up with the patient and physician will ensure better patient compliance along with routine replacement of interfaces and supplies.

sleephealthycoverObstructive Sleep Apnea Symptoms:

  • Excessive snoring
  • Gasp for breath while sleeping
  • Fallen asleep while driving
  • High blood pressure

Sleep Healthy Program Components Include:

  • Education on Disease Process, Prescribed Therapies/Medications, and Equipment Management
  • Therapy Compliance Monitored by a Licensed Healthcare Professional
  • Respiratory Assessment with Oximetry Screening
  • Follow-up Reporting to the Physician

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment Program Benefits:

  • Improved Patient Compliance
  • Reduction of Hospital Readmissions and Emergency Room Visits
  • Increased Patient Self-Management of Disease Process
  • Increased Lines of Communication between Premier Home Care, the Patient, and the Physician

Premier Home Care also provides quality sleep therapy products, such as masks, pillows, and humidifiers, for use during participation in our obstructive sleep apnea treatment program. Contact our headquarters in Louisville, KY for more information on Sleep Healthy – Premier Home Care’s Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment program.