Premier Rehab FAQ

What should I expect during my first visit to Premier Rehab Services?

During your first visit to Premier Rehab, you will receive an evaluation by a licensed therapist. In most cases we can begin helpful treatment on your first visit.

You and your therapist will establish a Treatment Plan that will include the types of treatments you will receive, as well as the frequency and duration of the recommended treatment.

You will also need to complete the necessary new patient paperwork.

What documents should I bring to my first visit for Premier Rehab Services?

On your first visit to Premier Rehab, please bring the following documents:
– Your insurance card or claim information
– Driver’s license or picture ID
– Co-pay, or expected deductible payment
– Physician referral, if applicable
– Pertinent medical information, such as list of medications, x-ray reports, etc.

What should I wear during a visit with Premier Rehab for physical therapy services?

– We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing for physical therapy services.
– If you have a knee or leg problem, you may bring shorts to your appointment.
– For shoulder and neck problems, it is helpful to wear a tank-top type shirt.

How Long Do Treatment Visits at Premier Rehab Typically Last?

Usually treatments at Premier Rehab last about 1 hour. Your visits to Premier Rehab will consist of treatment recommended by your therapist. This may include the following:
– Exercise
– Manual treatment
– Modalities, such as heat, ice, ultrasound, etc.
– Other interventions appropriate for your condition

How Long Does Treatment at Premier Rehab Typically Last?

Most treatment plans consist of 2-3 visits per week for an average of 6-8 weeks. Treatment plans vary based on the nature and severity of your condition.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Referral?

In most cases, a referral from a doctor is not required to be seen by a physical therapist. If you contact our office, we can help determine if you need a referral.